Private Voice Study

Are you ready to take your singing to new heights?

A Private Vocal Study Course will teach you to achieve your very best with your singing voice.

Whether you wish to study classical, jazz, musical theatre or contemporary repertoire, our expert teachers will guide you towards the achievement of your vocal goals.

You will be taught the elements of singing technique, including posture and body alignment, breath management, resonance and vocal tract shaping and the development of beautiful tone.

Attention will also be directed towards eliminating the less desirable habits that hold you back, such as bodily tension, constriction and lack of breath support.

Only through the development of healthy vocal technique can you hope to perform well for a lifetime, so call us today to enrol in private lessons.

Private Voice Study - Brisbane Classes - GH Singing Studio

Other Workshops & Classes

GH Singing Studio, we offer an introductory consultation to find out what a vocal coach can do for you. We provide our expert feedback and demonstrate how we can help you.

Private Voice Study

To achieve your vocal potential, private voice training with an experienced singing teacher is an ideal way of developing a technique which will ensure a lifetime of successful performance.

GH Singing Studio provides a range of voice training options. This is a class in which students gain the experience and enjoyment of performing a variety of repertoire in traditional ensemble.

Singers who have never learnt to read music, work at a distinct disadvantage. Singing training at our school can be a holistic experience for those who wish to take every opportunity offered.