Group Lessons and Ensemble Singing

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Great ensembles require great singers...

Join our vibrant community and discover the joy of singing in harmony with our Group Lessons and Ensemble Singing program.

  • A choir or vocal group
  • A barbershop quartet;
  • A duo, trio or other type of performing ensemble;
  • A company that performs excerpts from stage productions.

Designed to foster best-practice vocal techniques, these sessions go beyond the ordinary, providing a supportive environment where you not only refine your skills but also relish the thrill of singing in parts.

Why group lessons and ensemble singing?

Best-Practice Vocal Technique: Immerse yourself in the foundations of sound vocal technique under expert guidance, ensuring a solid base for your musical journey.

Sing in Harmony: Experience the magic of harmonising with others, as group lessons provide unique opportunities to blend voices and create beautiful musical arrangements.

Fun and Social Interaction: Group lessons are not just about learning; they’re about having fun! Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts, fostering social connections while honing your musical abilities.

Supportive Environment: For those who may feel hesitant about singing in front of others, our group setting offers a supportive atmosphere where individuals can build confidence at their own pace.

Ideal Pathway to Ensemble Singing: If the idea of singing publicly in an ensemble has always appealed to you, our group lessons provide the perfect stepping stone to realising that dream.

Ready to join the harmonious journey? Take the first step today! 

Complete our inquiry form or connect with Gordon directly at 0410 363 559. Unleash the power of your voice in a dynamic group setting, where each note is a celebration of musical growth and shared joy.

Other Workshops & Classes

GH Singing Studio, we offer an introductory consultation to find out what a vocal coach can do for you. We provide our expert feedback and demonstrate how we can help you.

Private Voice Study

To achieve your vocal potential, private voice training with an experienced singing teacher is an ideal way of developing a technique which will ensure a lifetime of successful performance.

GH Singing Studio provides a range of voice training options. This is a class in which students gain the experience and enjoyment of performing a variety of repertoire in traditional ensemble.

Singers who have never learnt to read music, work at a distinct disadvantage. Singing training at our school can be a holistic experience for those who wish to take every opportunity offered.