How to be a professional singer (part 2)

Once you have developed a good technique and you have a realistic perception of the potential of your voice, develop a long-term vision, and break it down into “steps”. You might see your future as: a. a successful solo artist, b. part of a duo or small ensemble, or c. a member of larger ensembles […]

How to become a professional singer (part 1)

In the world of successful singers, it is not always obvious who has what it takes to make it to the top. We tend to think that those with the greatest musical ability or the absolute best voices will make a living as vocalists, but that simply isn’t the case. If your dream is to […]

Private or Group Singing Lessons?

It is not uncommon for prospective students to ask if it would be possible for them to take group lessons. This query can stem from a number of concerns, such as: A shy person’s desire to “hide” among a group of others; A quest to learn in a social context A desire to learn with […]

Can everybody sing?

How often have you heard someone say: “I can’t sing.” or “I’m tone deaf.” or “I can’t carry a tune in a bucket.” Like you, I have heard it often. Indeed, I have even witnessed some of these non-singers demonstrating that what they assert is true. But let me assure you that there is no […]

Am I too old to learn to sing?

Many aspiring senior singers have the misplaced notion that they are “too old to learn to sing”. At a time when U3A (The University of the Third Age) is promoting learning for the elderly, and articles are written to encourage older people to keep their brains active, surely there can be no reason that older […]

When to Commence Voice Training

I am often asked when students should begin their formal voice training. My answer is usually, “As soon as they have an interest in singing and a goal to become a singer.” To some, it might seem logical to delay singing lessons until after puberty, when significant changes occur to the larynx, and voices “change” […]

Selecting a Voice Teacher

Selecting a Voice Teacher Choosing a voice teacher who will take your voice to new levels is often a confusing process. Here are a few important considerations to assist you in making the right decision: Search for a Well-qualified Teacher to Suit Your Needs The most common way of doing this often begins with the […]

Why Study With a Voice Teacher?

There are many good reasons that a voice student should consider studying with a good teacher. When considering the benefits of this option, think about the following: 1. Learn Good Vocal Technique The most important reason for a singer to take singing lessons is to learn to sing properly and well. Singing with nice beautiful […]

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