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If you’re looking to become a professional singer, enhance your singing skills or sing while playing an instrument, you’ve come to the right place. At GH Singing Studio, we are confident in our ability to guide you towards achieving your goals.

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Strengthen your capacity and stamina with the best vocal coaches in Brisbane.


Master the basics and techniques of guitar, piano and other instruments.


Make your voice more powerful through our well-curated voice classes!


Improve your rhythm and musical timing with your personal singing coach!

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Discover what you can do in the world of singing.

Unlock your full potential and together, let’s explore the real power of YOUR voice.

With the right guidance from our singing coaches. With us, you will conquer the stage.

Meet Gordon Harris

GH Singing Studio Principal Singing Teacher​​

Gordon is convinced that everyone has the potential to sing and play a musical instrument, regardless of their current abilities. He firmly believes that age is not a barrier to learning and that anyone can become a skilled musician with consistent practice and dedication. Gordon’s unwavering confidence in his beliefs inspires others to take up music and unlock their full potential as musicians.

You can confidently master the art of singing with the guidance of a leading vocal specialist, by choosing Gordon or one of his highly experienced vocal teachers.

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Read more from our past students and their experiences learning with GH Singing Studio.

I started vocal lessons with Gordon in May 2018 and have made very good progress since. Gordon is an experienced teacher as well as performer. I would not hesitate to recommend him whether you are complete beginner or someone with previous experience. Lessons with Gordon are thoroughly enjoyable!
Gordon is a great experienced and patient voice teacher. I have made a significant amount of progress since starting with GH Singing studios.
Gordon and Samantha are the two teachers I have had at GH SS and both have been generous and supportive towards me. Though I started with Gordon, Samantha is my teacher now. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking these first steps with her (I’ve never sung or had singing lessons before this). It’s a huge emotional issue for me to sing (I have many self-confidence barriers to get over/through), but Samantha has made it utterly, utterly pleasurable, and fun, and I am already hearing improvement in my technique and sound. Samantha’s enthusiasm and generosity make each lesson a delight. On top of this she provides me with excellent feedback, and comprehensive notes on each lesson, and is already (I’ve had about 3 lessons with her) helping me plan repertoire — all of which are very helpful and encouraging. I recommend GH Singing Studios. 🙂
I taught singing at GH Singing Studio for 2 years. It was a wonderful studio to work at and Gordon's professionalism and passion for music was always inspiring for me! He was always looking for new ways to value add and create new opportunities for students and staff! My students there were the best and I still miss them. Unfortunately I had to move on due to relocating but I highly recommend GH Singjng studio to anyone wanting to pursue voice lessons!
Response from the owner: Thank you Helen Rae. I miss you as well. As you know, I referred to you as my “ideas girl” and that, to me, was invaluable. You always helped me to remain focused and forward-looking.
I wanted to learn to sing for a long time and eventually decided to give it a go with Gordon. Within 12 months I am able to sing most songs that I like from a wide range of artists and genres. Gordon is really open to helping you learn songs your interested in and I would highly recommend anyone thinking about learning to sing to give Gordon a try.
Gordon is a wonderful teacher, he’s so patient, and he explains everything nicely so you always know what it is you should be doing and how you can get better. I always look forward to my lesson with him and walk out feeling pretty happy with myself and our effortsHighly recommend giving it a go, you won’t regret it ☺️
Although I am an absolute beginner with no musical experience whatsoever, Gordon has been an amazing singing teacher! I now feel a lot more confident and I have learned so many things already. He is always very kind and wants you to make progress and enjoy your singing! I can only recommend him to anyone!
I started with GH Singing Studio, and have had lessons under both Gordon and Lani. Both have been excellent with not only stepping me through techniques, but also building my own confidence which was probably my greatest hurdle. The lessons are relaxed and friendly, and the results are so satisfying.
Gordon is a terrific singing teacher! My voice improved so much after starting lessons with him. There's a richness and control to my voice now that was really developed with Gordon's help. He is a very kind, patient and knowledgable teacher. Definitely the best I have ever been to!
Great singing studio where the teachers teach you many different singing styles, and give you the techniques, the exercises and help you build your confidence! Great for all levels!
Response from the owner: Thank you, Delphine. That's very kind of you.
Since starting lessons, Gordon has been nothing but supportive and kind to me. I’ve been singing for a while now but his extensive knowledge and expertise have been extremely valuable to my continual growth as a singer. I would highly recommend taking up lessons with Gordon especially if you’re just starting out, or just looking to improve further!
Gordon Harris is a fantastic teacher - patient and knowledgable, he fosters a great environment for learning.
Gordon is a fantastic singing teacher with a great knowledge and experience of multiple styles, everything from opera to show tunes to pop and can even be persuaded to help with rock vocals! Great emphasis on both technique and having fun with singing. Highly recommended.

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