Achieve your PERSONAL VOCAL goals

Become a professional singer

Improve your pitch, range and tone

Sing beautifully while playing an instrument

We don't want you to feel held back, and sit in the shadows because you feel you can’t sing well enough.

We know you can do it! Learn to sing confidently and proudly in front of your audience, even an audience of one.

Have you ever wanted to sing, but feelings of frustration and insecurity arise because you:

Lack beautiful tone, accurate pitch or adequate range ?

Don't have the breath capacity or stamina to sustain notes?

Have difficulty accompanying yourself on guitar or piano?

Believe your voice is weak or too soft?

Have poor sense of rhythm and beat?

We understand the frustration, uncertainty, and disappointment that creeps in when you can't sing as you want to. You don't have to feel left out or held back.

With the guidance of an expert singing teacher, you can have the ability and confidence to realise the full potential of your unique voice.

A little about our Principal Singing Teacher - Gordon Harris

14 years singing with Opera Queensland
Former member of The Ten Tenors
Masters' Degree in Music with extensive studies in Vocal Pedagogy (the science and art of voice teaching)
50+ years’ experience teaching thousands of students to sing
Several former students are now professional stage performers and successful recording artists

You'll learn to sing with a leading vocal specialist when you choose Gordon  or one of his amazing expert vocal teacher.

Book your FREE Introductory Vocal Consultation today.


In these last few months, we have been amazed at the increase in [our 8-year-old daughter’s] ability and confidence toward her singing. Gordon’s mature, relaxed nature and great sense of humour, coupled with his talent to engage and his passion for singing is what makes his lessons so enjoyable for her. Quite simply she looks forward to her weekly session with Gordon.

Lisa and Mike


Gordon Harris is the perfect choice for me, a mature age student. He works with me, imparting an understanding of singing technique. This allows me to gain confidence through knowledge.



I still remember the good old days with La Bohème. I also remember watching you do some Pagliacci and being very impressed. I really appreciated that you treated me so well considering how much more experienced in singing and life you were. You treated me as an equal colleague – and for a 21 yr old singer, that was hard to find.


Professional Opera Singer

What to do now:

Book a FREE Introductory Lesson.

Work with us to develop a plan which will focus on your specific vocal needs.

Book your first formal lesson and start your journey of personalised vocal instruction..

Throw away the cape of vocal insecurity, stage fright and uncertainty. Drape yourself in a robe of legendary vocals as you take to the stage before you.

What we offer at GH Singing Studio

Preparation for AMEB and Trinity Guildhall exams

Audition training

Songwriting workshops

Performance and recording opportunities

With our quality training and teaching and dedication on your behalf, you could:

Become a successful professional singer.
Develop excellent breathing technique.
Learn to sing while accompanying yourself on an instrument.
Sing with confidence among your friends.
Become a successful song writer.
Succeed in auditions.

Take that first step today towards achieving your singing goals.

Don’t remain hidden in the shadows of uncertainty and insecurity because of your voice. It's time to take the step to have you and your voice noticed.

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