Why Study With a Voice Teacher?

There are many good reasons that a voice student should consider studying with a good teacher. When considering the benefits of this option, think about the following:

1. Learn Good Vocal Technique
The most important reason for a singer to take singing lessons is to learn to sing properly and well. Singing with a nice beautiful tone and “wowing” your family and friends is one thing, but to sing professionally is quite another. Good vocal technique is mandatory for a long and challenging vocal career. For example, a singer who has never mastered good breathing techniques may later develop faulty and unpleasant vibrato. Similarly, contemporary singers who “shout” and “force” may develop pathological problems with their vocal folds.

Injuries to the voice are common, especially amongst untrained or improperly trained singers. Signs of vocal fatigue or injury may include a “cracking voice”, persistent sore throat, diminished vocal range, unreliable high notes and hoarseness. However, with proper technique and good vocal care, the risk of sustaining strain or injury is reduced or even eliminated.

Skilled voice specialists teach the elements of healthy and effective vocal production. Their expert guidance will help to develop sound techniques for a long and successful career.

2. Gain Confidence
A performer needs to be confident that every performance will be successful. Consistency and control of vocal performance will only come through the regular practice of good technique. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to sing without bodily tension, to be able to demonstrate mastery of difficult repertoire and to be able to produce beautiful tones throughout an impressive vocal range. All of this is possible with good preparation under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

3. Receive Feedback
Good voice teachers are expert diagnosticians. Through judicious listening, they can identify how to improve a singer’s instrument, and then prescribe effective exercises or vocalises to produce the best results.

Unlike most other music teachers, voice specialists hear what their students cannot. Because the voice originates from within the body, singers hear sounds through bone conduction and other means which make it difficult to be objective about their voices. Their ears are behind the tone as it is projected outward from the oral cavity, so they may be unaware that they sing with a breathy, throaty or nasal tone. Good voice teachers can help singers identify good vocal quality, faulty intonation, poor breathing technique and tension issues, and ways of eliminating them.

4. Develop Independence
Good teachers impart scientifically based knowledge to their students and teach them to recognise physical sensations associated with effective resonance. They want their students to understand the mechanism of voice production and to be able to make improvements on their own. They share knowledge and do not keep the complex workings of the voice a secret from their students.

5. Achieve Results Faster
Ideally, singers who study with good teachers improve at a significantly faster rate than untrained singers who try to teach themselves. Good teachers pinpoint weaknesses and problems in students’ techniques and skillfully guide them toward improvement through the application of practical solutions.

6. Invest In Your Voice
While there is not always a direct correlation between singing ability and success as a singer, lessons can certainly offer singers a better chance at being noticed and appreciated for their talent and skill and can increase the chances that a singer’s voice will remain healthy and strong throughout his or her career, no matter what the demands. Lessons should be considered an investment in one’s future and vocal health.

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