Private or Group Singing Lessons?

It is not uncommon for prospective students to ask if it would be possible for them to take group lessons. This query can stem from a number of concerns, such as:

  • A shy person’s desire to “hide” among a group of others;
  • A quest to learn in a social context
  • A desire to learn with a group of like-minded or similarly aged individuals, or with others of their level of vocal achievement;
  • An inability to afford the cost of individual lessons.

Obviously, private lessons have a great deal to offer a beginning singer, an advanced singer, a student who wants the sole attention of the teacher or someone who seeks to achieve a specific goal (eg a full-time professional career). But consider these advantages in taking Group Lesson:

  • At GH Singing Studio, group lessons cost one-third of the cost per hour of a private lesson
  • Group lessons can be an ideal “try-out” vehicle for those who are not yet sure about committing to long-term, weekly vocal study
  • Group lessons focus just as much on technique … it just takes a little longer to go the full journey
  • One-on-one quality time is still an element of group lessons, though obviously not as extensive as in private lessons
  • It is true that there are limitations on the ability of the teacher to tailor the lesson to an individual’s unique needs, or enable students to work at their own pace, BUT
  • Group lessons are less formal than private lessons, conducted in a fun, relaxed, format with a strong emphasis on teamwork and support from other group members
  • Group lessons help to build students’ confidence
  • Students become comfortable singing to other members of the group
  • By singing and performing in front of classmates on a weekly basis, students practise performance skills and stage presentation, in addition to vocal skills and technique
  • When the teacher offers feedback on a student’s singing of a solo piece, the advice is delivered to, and received by, the whole group
  • Students in a group are often inspired by others’ performances to strive harder, practise more frequently and achieve at a higher level
  • Students who learn to sing comfortably in front of their peers often manage nerves and performance anxiety more successfully

One difficulty with group lessons is scheduling. Think about these points:

  • A number of students may initially find it difficult to settle on a suitable lesson time when all can attend
  • Absenteeism of one or more members can cause issues for all concerned.

At GH Singing Studio we do not offer refunds for missed lessons but where possible, in the case of illness, family issues or work commitments, we may offer a “make-up lesson” with a different group of a similar level of achievement. Group lessons at GH Singing Studio focus most of all on vocal technique, but we capitalise on the social nature of group lessons to ensure enjoyment by all.

The final part of the lesson always involves working on the elements of ensemble singing, so that students can develop good aural and sight-reading skills.


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