Saskia Cooney, Jazz Voice Teacher 

Embark on a unique jazz vocal study journey with Saskia, a versatile vocalist with a rich background spanning various genres. Saskia’s distinctive voice has graced dance tracks, indie-pop anthems, and jazz standards, showcasing her adaptability to different musical styles. While accomplished in all contemporary genres, Saskia’s true passion lies in jazz singing.

Saskia’s recent accolades include winning a prestigious Queensland Music Award, a testament to her excellence in the music industry. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance at the esteemed Jazz Music Institute, Saskia brings a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to her teaching.

Booking a course of lessons with Saskia promises a transformative experience, where you will:

Indulge your passion for jazz singing and elevate your vocal prowess with Saskia’s personalised and comprehensive approach to jazz vocal study. Uncover the nuances of this rich musical tradition and let your voice resonate with the soulful sounds of jazz.

Enrol with Saskia today by completing our inquiry form or phone Gordon on 0410 363 559 to book a FREE Introductory Consultation.

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