Samantha Hancock, Voice Teacher – Contemporary

Embark on a dynamic contemporary singing journey with Samantha, a dedicated voice teacher with a diverse background in choral groups and musical theatre productions. Samantha’s expertise extends beyond the classroom, bringing real-world experience to her teaching.

As your contemporary voice teacher, Samantha will skilfully guide you through the essential elements of contemporary vocal technique. With a keen understanding of your unique vocal ability, needs and preferences, she tailors the repertoire to ensure a personalised and enriching study experience.

What sets Samantha’s approach apart is the emphasis on practical application. You’ll have the opportunity to showcase your talents in real-life situations, gaining confidence and comfort in expressing yourself before an audience. Whether you aspire to sing on stage, in a recording studio or for personal enjoyment, Samantha’s guidance will empower you to reach your goals.

By studying with Samantha, you will develop the ability to:

Unleash your contemporary voice potential with Samantha, and let the richness of her experience guide you toward becoming a versatile and confident contemporary singer.

To gain a place to study with Sam, just complete our inquiry form or phone Gordon on 0410 363 559 to book a FREE Introductory Consultation.

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