Our Brisbane Singing Workshops

Workshops are a great way to learn more about the art of singing from one of the best. Gordon presents a number of different worskshops on the practice and theory of singing, and can tailor-make the presentation to suit your needs. Workshops can be designed to work on issues as diverse as melody and pitch, breathing and breath management, body alignment, registration or vocal problems such as troublesome vibrato. They can be used to provide information, or to work with small groups or individuals on practical issues.

Previously presented topics include the male adolescent voice; diseases and disorders which affect the voice; the ageing voice; performance anxiety; repertoire and choral singing. These presentations often inspire singers to set new goals or to continue their regular commitment to the hobby they love.

Free Introductory Vocal Consultation

Not sure what singing lessons can do for you? At GH Singing Studio, we offer a complimentary vocal lesson to find out what a vocal coach can do for you. Gordon’s feedback will demonstrate how he can help you.

Private Voice Study Courses

To achieve your vocal potential, private voice training with an expert, experienced singing teacher is
an ideal way of developing a technique which will ensure a lifetime of successful performance.

Piano and Guitar Tuition

At GH Singing Studio, our long-term goal is to create a One-Stop-Shop for students wishing to become self-sufficient performers. Being able to accompany one’s daily practice sessions, or having the ability to accompany one’s own singing performances, are skills every singer should have. With this in mind, we now offer one-on-one piano and guitar lessons […]

Vocal Skills & Technique Classes

GH Singing Studio offers classes for six or more participants who wish to develop sound breathing technique and support, posture and alignment, rhythmic facility, singing in harmony and song interpretation. LEARN MORE …

Performance Skills Weekly Workshops

Voice training is a less than fulfilling experience without the opportunity to perform. Our weekly workshop class provides the perfect vehicle for individuals to perform for their peers and to receive valuable performance coaching from Gordon or a guest facilitator.

Music Theory Classes

Singers who have never learned to read music work at a distinct disadvantage. Singing training at our singing school can be a holistic experience for those who wish to take every opportunity offered. LEARN MORE …

To discuss our workshops or to book an event, fill out the contact form or simply call 0410 363 559.