Private Voice Study Courses

Are you ready to take your singing to new heights?

Then book a private voice study with Gordon today…

A Private Vocal Study Course of five one-hour weekly lessons aims to get the best from your voice. You will be taught the elements of singing technique, including posture and body alignment, breathing and breath support, creating resonating space in the vocal tract and the development of beautiful tone. Attention will also be directed towards eliminating less desirable habits, such as bodily tension, constriction and nasality. Students will work through a series of vocal exercises to practice technique elements.

Book a Free Introductory Vocal Consultation today, at which all available courses will be discussed with you, to enable you to make an informed decision as to which package will best suit your particular needs and circumstances.

Take that first step today. For one-on-one private lessons to hone your technique, fill out the contact form or call 0410 363 559.

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