Piano and Guitar Tuition

At GH Singing Studio, our long-term goal is to create a One-Stop-Shop for students wishing to become self-sufficient performers. Being able to accompany one’s daily practice sessions, or having the ability to accompany one’s own singing performances, are skills every singer should have.

With this in mind, we now offer one-on-one piano and guitar lessons and will soon also offer Group Piano and Guitar Lessons. This is another important step towards the day when students will emerge from GH Singing Studio as “complete performers”.

The best news of all is that we do not limit enrolments to our own singing students. Anyone can enrol in piano or guitar lessons. Who knows … after becoming proficient pianists or guitarists, you may then wish to take up voice lessons.

Don’t wait! Call us today in 0410 363 559 or complete the contact form.