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Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Do you want to learn an instrument to accompany your singing? Or, do you love the guitar and want to learn to play it yourself? No matter your goals, you can reach them with GH Singing Studio Music School.

Contact us for guitar lessons in Brisbane and we’ll get you started. We structure our guitar lessons in multiple formats so you can have flexibility and learn in a way that works for you. Let us help you learn from scratch or coach you to develop your current skills.

We welcome people of all ages and skill levels. At GH Singing Studio, you can learn:

      • Electric guitar

      • Acoustic guitar

      • Technique and theory

If you are self-taught, you’ll be surprised at how much more you can learn with a guitar teacher in Brisbane. We set learning and teaching goals, so you continue making progress. We guarantee that you’ll have a good time doing it too.

When you join GH Singing Studio, you can take advantage of our:

      • Musical community

        We have a community of singers, piano players, and guitar players. Join us for group activities and showcases.

      • Expert guitar teachers

        The right teacher can take you from good to masterful. Our teachers have years of experience and will tailor instruction to your learning style.

      • Guided practice

        You need to practice to develop your skills. We provide scalable lessons and activities you can do on your own.

GH Singing Studio is a one-stop-shop for learning an instrument and taking singing lessons. When you contact us, you’ll get a free introductory lesson. This first lesson gives us a feel for your style so we can instruct you accordingly.

At GH Singing Studio, our long-term goal is to create a One-Stop-Shop for students wishing to become self-sufficient performers. Being able to accompany one’s daily practice sessions, or having the ability to accompany one’s own singing performances, are skills every singer should have.

With this in mind, we now offer one-on-one guitar lessons at our Brisbane Studio and will soon also offer Group Guitar Lessons. This is another important step towards the day when students will emerge from GH Singing Studio as “complete performers”.

How often have you wished you could play an instrument and sing at the same time? Well, this is your chance. Our guitar lessons can prepare you to follow your dream. Sing and play for the family, join a band, gig at your local club or pub. Whatever you desire, we have the solution to suit.

Act now! Call us today in 0410 363 559 or complete the contact form.