Gordon Harris “shines” in album, “Luminoso”

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Gordon Harris, a local Brisbane opera singer, shares his love affair with Italy on his album. “Luminoso” features a collection of 15 songs ranging from classical greats such as “Torna a Surriento” and “Nessun dorma” to more modern songs such as the theme from the movie, “The Godfather”, “Nella fantasia” and “Caruso”.

Tenor Gordon Harris was one of two brothers who grew up in the small country town of Innisfail, just south of Cairns. He says it was listening to the great Mario Lanza that sparked his passion for classical singing and his desire to make it his career.

“From about the age of 14, I would wait until my parents went out each Saturday night, and would then try to emulate Mario. I wanted nothing more than to be able to sing like my hero. It was lucky, indeed, that I ended up with a tenor voice. I would have been disappointed otherwise.”

Gordon began singing seriously in his early teens and had his first lessons with the great James Christiansen when he was sixteen. In those early days he performed regularly in local Choral Society productions. But it was in Brisbane, while studying Education, that he began serious study. This led to leading roles in “The Student Prince” and his first operatic role in “The Secret Marriage”.

Gordon has spent many years as an educator, whilst also pursuing a professional career as a singer. He performed with Opera Queensland for fifteen years, appeared regularly with the Qld Pops Orchestra and was a member of The Ten Tenors during its heady early years of existence.

In a bid to master the Italian language to better serve his beloved craft, Gordon has been studying at Brisbane’s Dante Alighieri Society since 2009. He also completed a sabbatical in Italy in early 2012.

“I have always dreamt of producing my own album, mainly for the enjoyment of family and friends. At last I have done it! The album includes many of my favourite arias and songs as made famous by my inspiration, Mario Lanza.

However, like Mario, I wanted to include some modern ‘crossover’ numbers that would appeal to everybody. Hence, the inclusion of songs made famous by the likes of Andrea Bocelli, Il Divo and Josh Groban.”