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The GH Singing Studio has extensive experience teaching students to find their voices. To find out more about the singing studio, call 0410 363 559 and talk to Gordon, or complete the Contact Studio Form to arrange an Introductory Consultation. Consider, as well, the following studio practices:


Once a student has begun to master elements of technique, developing skills are applied in repertoire. At first the teacher will suggest appropriate songs, but as the student becomes more proficient it is expected that he or she will take a role in the selection of suitable songs and purchase sheet music or albums suggested by the teacher.

A large range of sheet music is available from local Music Stores, or purchases may be made through a number of reputable online stores. There are also websites from which sheet music may be ordered online and immediately downloaded (eg Music Notes or Sheet Music Plus).

Song Backings

At the GH Singing Studio, the teacher may use pre-recorded song backings. However, students are encouraged to bring pre-recorded and/or commercial backings to their lessons. Appropriate hardware is available to play the backings.

Home Practice

Students can make rapid progress if they develop regular home practice habits. Twenty to thirty minutes a day of concentrated practice can quickly consolidate new technique.

It is also very helpful if students record their lessons. It is recommended that a recording device is brought to each lesson.

Students who build up a library of backing tracks will find them invaluable for home practice.


It is understandable that parents or partners may like to attend lessons to observe students’ progress. However, this can be intimidating to some students and can prevent them from achieving their potential. Trying new technique and overcoming undesirable habits requires a degree of risk-taking that is best achieved in an environment of trust and encouragement fostered between student and teacher.

It is strongly recommended that students attend lessons alone and parents or partners only attend on special occasions when they are specifically invited by the student.

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